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I am a lover of gospel music and one of my favorite things is to share is fun facts about. I grew up around Southern gospel as a genre and have loved it ever since I was little.

What is Gospel Music?

[sgmb id=”1″ A genre of Christian music that can be used for many different purposes, the main one that comes to mind is the music used in worship. The basic themes of gospel music are surrounding Christian themes and messages. These Christian themes are played out as ones of testimony, persuasion, religious experience, exhortation, or […]

Why is Gospel Music Important?

By learning about gospel music and several of the genres, why is that important? Gospel music plays into many aspects of contemporary life. Understanding the music and where it evolved from, the influences and exchanges from outside sources show how music fills a need and responds to the times. Gospel music has developed from the […]

Top Gospel Artists

Thomas Dorsey (July 1, 1899- January 23, 1993) Known as the ‘the Father of Gospel’ and developed early gospel music with hundreds of songs. Dorsey wrote songs that were the similar style to field songs and were sometimes known as “Dorsey’s.” He traveled across the country to organize choirs and promoted the gospel sheet music […]