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The melodies, the lyrics, the message, the music … they are what drew us here.

I am a lover of gospel music and one of my favorite things is to share is fun facts about. I grew up around Southern gospel as a genre and have loved it ever since I was little. Living not too far from big gospel concert venues, both of my grandparents had tickets to gospel festivals and concerts, so we went several times each year. Usually, we would take in shows all around the US, so I became more familiar with gospel music through those shows. However, it wasn’t until I was a teenager that I really started learning more about the industry and getting familiar with popular groups. I began to realize that some of my favorite gospel songs weren’t originally sung by Branson singers. Haha! I still give my grandparents credit for introducing me to different groups through its Southern Gospel nights and festival. Now, the music has become a love of mine.

This blog discusses gospel music and its history. Its purpose is to inform on the genres and trends that have developed in gospel music. By looking at the differences within gospel music, it is easier to understand the purpose and drive of gospel music. It’s to educate and enlighten the public about gospel music as an American art form. Its vision is to be the premier online resource for gospel music news, reviews, and scholarship. To promote curiosity amongst the common community in Christian music and gospel, to assemble the public and support among industry management to tackle the issues of gospel music and to promote public awareness of Christian music in our culture.

Look forward to exploring the world of gospel music with me! I love discovering the biographies and music tastes of the artists and people who influenced gospel music. This blog will be looking to discover new gospel acts and their message. Also exploring how gospel music explores and creates worship among Christian listens to foster a community of fellowship. By learning about gospel music and several of the genres, why is that important? Gospel music plays into many aspects of contemporary life. Understanding the music and where it evolved from, the influences and exchanges from outside sources show how music fills a need and responds to the times.

Gospel music has developed from the seventeenth-century and now artists like Johnny Cash are utilizing the genre of their music. This brings gospel music into the mainstream and makes its various genres suited to anybody’s taste which makes its Christian music in the mainstream. Let’s see how modern gospel music has evolved over the decades finding new artists and favorites along the way. I hope this blog brings in those who want to learn about gospel music as well as those who simply love music and are willing to find a new genre to love. Let’s listen and learn about gospel music, thanks for visiting.